iPhone cry babies

I love my mac – I bought it this year and now Apple have brought out a new version. Should I ask for a voucher for the Apple store? Someone has launched a lawsuit against Apple and AT+T for reducing the price of the iPhone. Read that again. Yes the so-called early adopters have been up in arms that the company can have the temerity to lower the price of the product. I know Mac fans are a rare breed but this is bordering on insanity “Please give us a more expensive product…”And now they are bitching that Apple’s upgrade has bricked their hacked phones – you bought a phone, you hacked it and then, you dumb mother, you did the upgrade… and now you’re crying that your expensive toy doesn’t work… get a life – read a newspaper, watch the news, maybe think about the fact you can get shot dead on the streets of Burma (that’s a country duuude) for having a mobile/cell phone


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